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About Us

       Kuanhui tea industry Co., Ltd. is a professional committed to the tea,tea, tea products R & D, production,

       Sales of integrated tea company. Have a "wide", "wide sink" and "wide tea" series of tea tea
With the brand of tea ceremony, is located in the central business district to have the east gate, east of the "Pengcheng No.1", "wide collect" hold
"Good width is reasonable for Long Hui," business philosophy, to promote the Chinatea culture, and guide the healthy tea for the party
To inherit the traditional process, fusion, modern scientific management, continuous innovation, make tea tea with high quality,
   More environmental protection, more healthy, more humanized service. High quality,personalized, human is the "wide sink" by
Main features. Let the masses to drink organic ecological "wide sink" tea, use ofenvironmental quality "wide sink" tea
As one wishes, buy the tea ceremony is "wide sink" people constantly pursuit of the goal.
"Drink tea, to the wide exchange", let the good tea into the thousands of households,the width collects the heart, rest assured friends.

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